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Bay area mustard flower minis, spring blossom minis, fairy swing minis, ice cream minis, fruit bath minis and more

10+ years Experienced Portrait and Wedding Photographer based out of Fremont, CA

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East Bay Spring Mini Sessions 2020

Friday, March 6, 2020

As an artist, I dream dreams and bring the beauty of them to life.  In springtime. I love to capture beautiful dreamy images.  Let's capture something perfectly whimsical and magical of you, your children, your family, and that beautiful bond you have.

spring_mini_sessions_SF_Bay (3).jpg

Mini Sessions are for families, children, and individuals. To book go here.  For a custom session please contact me at

east bay spring minis 2020
East-Bay-Portrait-Photographers_spring-mustard-flowers (3).jpg

East-bay-spring-mini-sessions_effervescentmediaworks (6).jpg

effervescent-media-works-east-bay-spring-minis.jpgEast-bay-spring-mini-sessions_effervescentmediaworks (4).jpg

spring mini sessions east bay

spring mini sessions east bay


spring mini sessions east bay

spring mini sessions east bay

spring mini sessions east bay

spring mini sessions east bay

Don't want a mustard flower session?  No problem. We can still have a whimsical spring adventure.  Would the kids enjoy a teddy bear picnic?

Fremont-CA-Family-Photographers (70).jpg
Fremont-CA-Family-Photographers (99).jpg
Fremont-CA-Family-Photographers (106).jpg
Fremont-CA-Family-Photographers (95).jpgFremont-CA-Family-Photographers (111).jpgFremont-CA-Family-Photographers (113).jpgFremont-CA-Family-Photographers (68).jpgmustard flower minis east bayFremont-CA-Family-Photographers (79).jpgFremont-CA-Family-Photographers (76).jpgeast bay spring minis

When is the last time you has a picture with your love.

Fremont-CA-Family-Photographers (103).jpg

Do you love roses?  This location has the dreamiest rose bush and I loved shooting at it last year for mom and me minis.  Aren't these two so sweet.

mom_and_me_minis_east_bay-effervescent-media-works-sping (65).jpg
mom_and_me_minis_east_bay-effervescent-media-works-sping (24).jpg

10 Tips for a successful Large Family Portrait Session : Bay Area Family Photographers

Thursday, February 13, 2020

With over 10 years of photographing families of all sizes, I thought I would share some of my learned secrets for working with large groups!  Whether you are photographing a particularly large family or an extended family.

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tips for photographing large families

1. Be playful!

While we will get the traditional looking at the camera shot.  When I am on location, and the terrain allows me, I love to incorporate running and fun!  I typically start with a traditional group shot, then from there follow my pattern of play, pose, play pose.  This does two things.  It keeps the little one's attention better and helps adjust the right idea of "fun" to picture time, instead of a "chore", and 2. I keeps a fun energy in the setting.

tips for photographing large families

Ideas for ways to be playful.  Play a game of red rover. Remind the ultra-competitive enthusiasts to take it easy so no one gets hurt.  Line up and have a dance party.  Bonus if you bring a portable speaker and have tunes ready to go.  Have a twirling contest, betcha grandma and grandpa haven't done that for a while and it will take them back.  All smiles.  Let the kids run ahead and the parents/ grandparents be the "hug monsters" trying to catch them! Play train ride complete with the chugga chugga choo choo sound effects.

Whatever activity you choose, consider your group and if they are the right age for the activity.

tips for photographing large families

2. Choose the proper setting given terrain, weather, temperature, and your age group.

An 8-year-old can tolerate a little chill for a few minutes.  A baby cannot! Be realistic and smart about the location for your extended family pictures, especially during those cold winter holiday sessions.

If the location will require hiking up a hill, make sure the group is aware of this and have them bring a pair of shoes to change.  Twisted ankles are no joke!

tips for photographing large families

3. Work with levels

Everyone in your party should have their own head and shoulder space, and be evenly spaced.  Depending on the width of space you have to work with, levels are often required.  Stairs, chairs, boxes, stools, tree trunks, a slope on a hill.  There are many opportunities for working with levels.  It just takes a bit of pre-planning.  Tip: visualize your party before placing furniture, then pre place it before you have them fill in.  This might involve symmetry, like this picture above.

tips for photographing large families

tips for photographing large families

4. Prepare the terrain or setting.

These two examples involved snow!  Either have some willing adults in your group help pre stomp the snow across etc or pre-stomp yourself, so it is much easier when you bring the whole crew in and they are getting stuck and making up planned snow angels.

tips for photographing large families

tips for photographing large families

5. Use eye-catchers

The larger the group, the large number of wandering eyes of little ones especially need to be refocused.  Bright and colorful objects to direct their eyesight back to the camera are necessary. I made a short video of some of the funny things I might use here.

tips for photographing large families

6.  Think: Convenience 

The larger the headcount, the bigger the stress of getting them all somewhere. Consider your party, how far, realistically they will be able to park/ transport to the background desired.

Here are a few examples.

Below is a family shot on a cruise.  Originally we planned the beach.  That would have been too much.  Transporting the whole group in nice attire and sticking together via the ferry etc... I mean our hair might get ruined on the way haha. From the cruise ship to the island.... was not ideal for our group.  Not to mention too of use were not feeling great that morning... so we cleared a corner of the deck and made the best of that beautiful water and sky vista.

tips for photographing large families
Here is another example of working with convenience.  Parks with a very little walking and right next to parking lots!  Especially when it is chilly! When we diverge into various group shots, babies can warm up in the car for a few minutes if needed.

tips for photographing large families

tips for photographing large families

tips for photographing large families

tips for photographing large families

tips for photographing large families

7. Capture a variety of relationships.

While we focus mainly on doing the large group shot looking at the camera, there are so many other treasured shots to grab, like all the girls together being playful, or the guys together in their suave nature.  Here is a list I mentally follow:

Full group shot - Formal
Full groups shots - playful and candid
Grandma and Grandpa with the grandbabies
All the girls
All the boys
Siblings together
Siblings with parents
Siblings with spouses
Full group shot with a different backdrop
Teenager shots
All the wee ones
The older girls
Full group shot
Couples shots
Individual families

This list changes on the spot if say, a toddler is having a toddler moment, we might switch to another family for a minute and try again with them. Ideally, I work with all the little ones first for smiles, then as they start to get the wiggles, do fun or less structured moments give them a break from the structured and they last a little longer.

tips for photographing large families

8.  Cluster your groups

While some group shots, I don't group the families perfectly together... for example, the young ones may all be sitting in the front together with their cousins, instead of next to their families.  I always try to aim for at least one cluster shot that groups the growing family units together.

tips for photographing large families

9. Make it fun for the adults too!

Keep the energy up throughout the whole age group with something fun and different!

I typically mix it up by presenting a surprise element that the group would enjoy toward the end!

A unique prop, a leave fight, a snowball fight.  Consider your age range and make it fun! This is a fun way to end the session.

tips for photographing large families

10. Positivity is key!Above all, your attitude as a parent, as the photographer as a participant in family photos is key!  And consider that is it contagious. A mundane, "let's get this done," attitude shows and sends that message and the vibe will repeat itself.  So be excited about pictures and the vibe will spread!Be sure to follow us on Instagram @effervescentmediaworks and @ourphotographerscircle  for future tips and tricks!

Booking a Maternity Photoshoot with Effervescent Media Works

Monday, January 27, 2020

Congratulations on your pregnancy! And thank you for your interest in my work.

I thought I would run you through what I offer for my maternity clients so you have an idea of what to expect and plan for.

fremont maternity photographer

How much is a maternity session and what does it include?

I do require half down to reserve your date and time.  The remainder will be due the day of your session. You have the option of choosing a mini session or a full session.  Investment details may be found here. Sessions included the high-resolution digital images in an online gallery for you to use as you like.

fremont maternity photographer

fremont maternity photographer

When to book your session?

It is ideal to book your maternity photoshoot within the 7-8 month mark.  Waiting longer than that and you will likely be dealing with swelling, aches, and pains and not be up for the long photoshoot and may miss the opportunity to do them altogether should you go into labor.  And doing them before then there is not quite enough of the round of the belly for the traditional maternity photo look.

fremont maternity photographer

What to wear for the session?

My number one recommendation for my maternity clients for attire is a long floor length maternity gown or maxi dress.  I have several options in the client closet that are at your disposal for your session. You may arrange a meeting before the session to stop by my home studio in Fremont, or simply choose and I will bring it to the session and change there.

I also have an assortment of flower halos and seasonal head attire for an added touch.

A full session can include more than one outfit.

If we are out in a field for flowers, long grass etc, I recommend bringing leggings and good shoes as they will not be seen with a long dress so you don't get scratched up.

fremont maternity photographerfremont maternity photographerfremont maternity photographer

How can I prepare for my maternity session?

Eat healthily, drink plenty of fluids and get the best rest you can the days before your session. Take the opportunity to spoil yourself to trip to the salon for hair and makeup. For hairstyles, I typically recommend leaving the hair down with gently curls or a side braid depending on the length of the hair.  I will also have you fill out a short form to help distinguish the vibe you would like for your session, i.e. Stylisized and high fashion to cutesy and playful and fun.

It is fun to incorporate personal items in the session, such as the ultrasound images, a few toys from the baby's nursery, a pair of babies' shoes etc. And it is perfectly fine to bring a change of shoes if needed. The practical ones and the photoshoot ones. Some terrain is not ideal for fancier shoes.

Be sure to bring water and some little snacks like a granola bar to the session.

fremont maternity photographer

During the session

With ten years of experience posing individuals and families to look their best and feel comfortable being posed in ways that look beautiful and natural, you can be at ease during your session. Feel free to bring some props or I may bring a few as well depending on the look we have previously discussed.

If your family will be joining you we will start out with the younger ones and then wrap up with them and focus on you.

Most of my maternity work is done at beautiful outdoor locations with flowers and beautiful vistas.  I can arrange a more intimate in-studio session at my home studio in Fremont, however please note I do not specialize in bare belly or boudoir styled maternity work.

fremont maternity photographer

What happens after the session?

After the session, I will share a few previews on social media and post the full gallery of edited images in 2 weeks.  You may download images and use them as you like.  Images may also be ordered from your online gallery as beautiful archival high-quality prints.

Then, of course, I hope we get to see each other again soon as I specialize in newborn photography as well. I recommend planning ahead as newborns are best photographed in the first 5-10 days of life and my schedule fills up!

I look forward to seeing you soon mama!

fremont maternity photographer