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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

I am now based in Boulder County, and I travel to Utah and the Bay area most often!  But whether it is the East Coast, West Coast, and in between, sign up here to be notified when I am headed your way.

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A Visit to the Denver Aquarium with the Family

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Recently we got to visit the Denver Aquarium with all out clan!  Instead of smiles we had to do one picture with our best fishy faces out front. 

After so long of not getting out for adventures such as this, the kids moods were instantly upbeat and as excited as could be.  The otter family were of course some of our favorites.  They were so playful and lively diving into the water again and again.

My second favorite is the aqua tunnel.  Usually these areas are so packed so I was of course thrilled to find a slower moment to capture this moment of Maribelle with Grandpa.

And of course bestie cousins are so fun! They got a kick out of watching the scuba cleaners do their job.

Have you ever been scuba diving before?  It is different from snokeling pschologically.  If you are not comfortable feeling closed in, in tight spaces and really zen with that, I wouldn't recommend it.  Here in the USA, you take a formal scuba class for a reason.  Anyway,  I had the oppurtunity to check that one off my bucketlist years ago before kids.  We were in Mexico with my parents and went to do a day trip and go scuba diving... well, I remember doing my zen breathing to keep my chill.  I think with higher anxiety now though, it would be much hard to do.  With snorkeling, if you suddenly get feeling buried and claustrophobic with all the stuff on your face and mouth etc, you just lean up and take it off.  When you suddenly realized you are under a LOT of water or fret over something going wrong, it can be stressful.  But it was SUCH a cool experience to be down amung the fish and so close to the ocean floor.  We saw turtles and all kinds of color fish.  

I always love the bright and color exhibits put together at aqauriums to really highlight that brillant hues.

Denver Aquarium has this amazing indoor jungle to go and explore and get a glimpse of their tiger.

The fun and the chaos. 

After our stroll through the aquarium, we had a nice lunch at the Aquarium Resturant.  You got to eat among the fishes with aquariums that line the wall of the resturant. And up above were all the fun fish light fixtures that were fun to look at.

What a fun color setting for a wedding reception!


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