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What to Wear for Engagement Pictures - Bay Area Engagements

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ok. So you have already scheduled the engagements, picked a fun location and now narrowing down the particulars.

Here is a list of some "helpers" of what to wear or not to wear for engagement pictures.

ideas for what to wear for engagement pictures

1. Try to stay away from busy patterns.

Busy styles, small striped patterns, and clothing with logos and prints should all be avoided. If one of you have a slightly busy pattern, like a wide set plaid, a sweater vest. Then the other person should wear the simple solids.  But be sure to mix up the textures too.

utah engagement photography

2. Solid colors usually work best

If we are shooting your picture in the winter, and at a location with little color then as the two in the photos, you should contain the color. Perhaps bring a colored coat, or brightly colored scarves with some shoes to match.

outfit ideas for engagement pictures

3. Dark Colors help bring out certain features

Don't be scared away from using color when I say this:) Dark colors do help bring out your features.

Northern CA engagements

4. Don't be two matchy matchy.

In my opinion wearing identical white shirts and matching blues jeans creates a little cheesy or cliche of a look. Or in other words it looks like you're trying too hard. The colors the two of you wear should coordinate together rather than all be the same (even if they are slightly off).  If you both wear a solid color, then try mixing up the type of fabric at least to make it look like you aren't twins or siblings. And be sure to vary the text a bit too.

5. If you're a guy and are wearing black shoes I recommend having black socks. 

Although white socks might easily fly under the radar for day to day attire with your black leather shoes, when we shoot your engagement pictures I might have you sit on the ground against a wall or on the steps. This is one of those cases that the details count:)so our attention is not driven to your feet/ ankles.

Depending on the style of your session, boots are another great option.  Then you don't have to worry about socks.

If however, you want to add some fun personality to your socks, such as argyle socks  then by all means!  In which case, you need to check out this music video.  Where else do you find a song all about socks and giant dancing socks then in a Shay Carl music video.

engagement photography in the Bay area

6. Think of what attire best fits the surrounding.

Are you going to be climbing over rocks or hills in high heels? Is the chilly weather going to leave your nose red since you didn't bring a coat. Even if these are things you take on and off between sittings, they are still a good idea to have depending on what you wear. Think about the terrain, the weather (you might want to bring an extra outfit in case it starts to pour rain.

Also, be sure to consider the type of location and what fits best with it. For example, wearing formal attire among classic styled buildings, nice columns and steps would go well together. If the location you are shooting at is more contemporary then this might vary a bit. For example glass, metal and smooth textures typically go well with a semi-formal approach. On the other hand, a contemporary location that is warmer and perhaps a little rougher in textures goes well with casual and formal looks.

Say perhaps the location is more of an urban, run down, or generally decaying one. One thought that you might consider when picking out your attire is the contrast. Beauty against grunge brings out the beauty even stronger.

what to wear for a photoshoot

7. What's Your Style?

Are you the kind of couple that wants to do something a bit different? Then don't be afraid to step out of the box. Try wearing something a bit more unique and fun such as a vintage theme for your engagements. Are you the more formal type? Or more casual. If you can't decide on one then bring 1 of each. Don't get too carried away though! Several outfit changes can take away from session time, available light etc.

8. Be Comfortable

It is important that you can be yourselves in your pictures and having uncomfortable clothing can take away from that. If you want to wear a pair of heels while we are walking around a lot downtown be sure to bring an additional pair of shoes to interchange between the two.

9. What story if any will your pictures tell?

Do you plan to go along with a certain theme. Will that theme or story require a certain kind of look?

Here is an example. I asked a couple what they liked to do together for fun. After some thought they told me they liked to goof off at the arcade or supermarket with those vending machines, you know... the ones with the horrible claw that never catches anything and scams you out of your money:0 Anyway they still enjoyed the thrill of it together so for one of the locations for their engagements we shot some pictures at an arcade. Sold bright colors would have been my recommendation for this session.

10. Be yourselves!

Regardless of the look you want, whether it is in this time period or not, make sure that the clothes you wear are something you both feel like yourselves in, but step it up a little.

Bay area engagements
Best of luck assembling your outfits! What area do you struggle with in putting your engagement outfits together?  Comment below and let me know!

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