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How to pick your Wedding Photographer? | Utah Wedding Photography

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1. Your style

Think about way look fits you. Whether that means vintage, contemporary, classical etc. Also consider what types of photos you see yourselves posing in. Are you and your fiance the type that are up for getting a little silly, making a faces etc, or are you the type that just wants the basic poses and smiles? Perhaps you are interested in a photo journalistic look for your wedding photography? That is... pictures that simply capture your special day with a story telling element. Or in the end more than anything you want to look like your pictures just popped out of a magazine ad with fashion and stylized posing and effects.

Still a little lost? Be sure to look through pictures with your fiance and ask yourselves what you like specifically about the pictures that catch you eyes, also be sure to ask yourselves whether or not it's you.

2. Flexibility

Is your photographer flexible? Are they willing to work with you to provide you with what you need?  Do they charge by the minute? Or by the hour.  Are they willing to travel?

3. Cost

Ask yourself what is the most important to us for the wedding. Wedding photography makes it to the top 3 most important things a bride considers priority for her big day. It's right up there with the wedding dress and the venue. Consider this... no matter how many details you plan, there will be little use to planning them if they are not recorded and preserved for the years to come. When preparing your budget be sure to even everything out to create a even balance. Many brides will spend a fortune on the photography but little on what is even there to capture aside from the guests or vice versa, they will spend little to no money on photography but spend a great deal of time, money and energy on the little details that will not be remembered for long!

Also be sure to ask about travel fees or any other fees that might apply.  Is your event far away?

4. Time needed

How much time will be needed to capture all the shots that you want? How long will is take to capture these things. Be sure to ask your photographer these things while shopping around. Some photographers charge by the hour, some offer packages that are a little looser with your schedule.  Keep in mind that you wedding day will likely NOT go exactly as you plan.  Guests may run late, the weather might not be the best etc.  Be sure to plan in extra time for photography.  Are you going to be able to get all the pictures, different relationships etc in time you have allotted your photographer?  If you are unsure be sure to ask your photographer how long it will take to shoot ____ photos given the _____ number of family/ friends you would like pictures.  Each bride has a different circumstance.  Discussing details such as this will also give you an idea of the flexibility of your photographer.

5. What will you want in the end?

Are you the type that has the time and creativity to out together you own wedding album with prints, or even a scrapbook? Or is that something to consider now? Often times you can save money by bundling all the things you'll end up wanting anyway after the wedding by packaging it all together in the beginning. If your photographer offers credits and/ or custom albums be sure inquire about specifics.

If you see yourself getting wrapped up in the craziness of life and having difficulty getting around to putting together your own work then load that off on your photographer. You don't want all those memories to end up buried in a shoebox of pictures or left in a pile of cds.

6. How many picture will you want?

How many pictures will you want from the different sessions and wedding day? 15, 30, 50, 100, 1,000? Be sure to ask your photographer if you will own all your pictures or if that comes at an additional cost. Ask about the copy right release and ask about how many pictures your should expect for the number of hours being covered. Some photographers include this with the package. Others will offer a session fee but you will have to pay per image online you want. The price will often depend on how many pictures you will want along with the time needed, locations traveled to and the copy right release in the end.

Will you be happy with just a general coverage of the day or do you want every little event, tradition and detail captured?

7. How talented is the photographer?

Ok. So you've shopped around for photographers and limited it down to a select few. Is he/ she talented? Do they have an eye for the art or are they a walking click robot? Are their images aesthetically pleasing? Vibrant? Clean? Sharp/ focused? Do they have samples of just posed or sitting persons or do they also have "action" shots? Be sure to keep your eyes out for these things at the consultation when you are looking over samples..

8. Chemistry

Ok lol:) Not romantic chemistry, just chemistry. Can you be yourself around your photographer? Do you feel yourself being a different person altogether around them. If you are unable to be yourself around your photographer then you can really only expect that your pictures will end up showing that emotion.

It is also important to consider presence.  Does the photographer communicate well with you from the beginning or take a few weeks to reply to an email? Do they seem to actually want to get to know you better so they can create a product specific to your personalities, or are you treated more like a number in the book?

9. Is the photographers work consistent?

When looking through a photographers portfolio are there images that blow you away but others than seem like they were taken by an beginner? Although any artist will have a variety keep a conscious look out if there seems to be a suspicious gap. Be sure to ask if they have samples of a complete start to finish wedding so you can see exactly what you would be getting in the end.

10. Is your photographer passionate?

Have they lost their love for the art or are they committed to bringing you the best because they want the best? Imagine this. A working in a factory in front of a conveyor belt producing the same product again and again. Zoned out. Dis-passionate, on auto pilot. Or imagine this... a local artist producing their own unique products for unique clients. Changing and developing there eye to a consistent higher standard since it is not only beneficial to the client but a small piece of their own pride and passionate joy. Which type do you see being your wedding photographer?

Utah Wedding Photography

Utah Wedding Photography

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