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Creative Proposal Idea's

Friday, October 26, 2012

So the time has come to pop the question!  And you are just starting to make plans. Here a few thoughts when planning out a proposal followed with 102 unique proposal ideas:

Be you.  Go over the top, if it is your style, stay casual if that fits you two better.  Is she going to like something glamorous, or would she prefer a proposal that is simple and intimate?  Have you two already talked about all the wedding details and everything is a go with the decision you two have talked through to get married and now she is just waiting for the official ring... if this is the case, a public proposal is something she is more likely to be comfortable with if you think it fits her character.  If you haven't really mentioned one word of marriage and you spring it on her in public, it may add a little more stress than excitement, as you are putting her on the spot for the first time with the added pressure of her friends and family. Is she shy or outgoing? Is she a romantic?

These are all questions to ask yourself when planning a proposal that will feel right for the two of you.  One idea may be a little too cheesy for her taste, or she may eat that romantic cheese up! And if it doesn't go exactly as planned... roll with it, and laugh it off together. Marriage brings many bumps in the road and that is something every couple needs to get through it together!

Remember, she will be sharing the story 100 + times as you two share the news with friends and family, so make it good!

1. Hire a photographer in secret! Then have them arrange it so that she thinks she is just modeling for the photographers portfolio. (for example, you could say, my cousin is looking to build her portfolio and she was wondering if we would be a sample couple for her...)  During this set engagement shoot, arrange to have a picnic. Then mid toast, pull out the ring hidden in the basket! This is perfect because it will all be captured for that memorabilia minded bride :)

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2. Rent a billboard. Arrange a date that takes you down a less busy highway containing billboards. Arrange to have your picture and her name in the marry me message. If she is not looking point it out with a "what's that?" when the time is right, pull over and give a formal proposal.

3. Hide a message in a fortune cookie. Take her to an oriental restaurant. Excuse yourself to go to the restroom. Using a pair of tweezers switch the fortune with your own message (or use a service such as: ). Make an arrangement with the waiter that includes an extra tip. Put the same message in both cookies so she won't be suspicious should you accidentally switch cookies. Have a fake fortune prepared in your head if she asks.

utah wedding photographers, engagement photography utah, slc wedding photography, slc engagement photography, slc engagement photographers, engagement photographers utah4. Is she is a fashion minded girl? Buy her a nice warm coat. Be sure it is actually cold out so she won't be as suspicious! Then arrange to have an embroidered message saying something like, "let me wrap my arms around you in love and warmth for the rest of our days... Marry Me!"

5. Take her ice skating.  Arrange in advance to have your message spotlighted onto the floor. When she sees it get down on one knee to propose.

6. Take her on a secluded nature walk. Take the walk an hour in advance and leave a rose every so many yards. Attach a small note to each rose with ribbon. Each note can say one of the things you love about her. As you collect each rose, read it lovingly to her. When you reach the end, have a picnic set up with the final red rose sitting there and make the final proposal.

utah wedding photographers, engagement photography utah, slc wedding photography, slc engagement photography, slc engagement photographers, engagement photographers utah7. Make a trip to a used book store. Prepare in advance by buying a hollow decor book (can be found at most decor and crafting stores such as Hobby Lobby) then place the book among the others. Have a friend, preferably someone she hasn't met keep watch. 'Accidentally' come across the book with her and propose.

utah wedding photographers, engagement photography utah, slc wedding photography, slc engagement photography, slc engagement photographers, engagement photographers utah8. Go for a walk on the beach.  In advance arrange to have a picnic set up, complete with candles, tiki torches etc.  (have a friend help by either helping set up the picnic or keeping watch until you arrive so the surprise is not messed with in between) You could make a heart shape around the picnic out of candles or stones.  Have some shells decorate the middle of your picnic.  Hide the ring in one of the seashells.  Bring up the debate of whether you can hear the sound of the ocean captured in the shells and give it a try.  Let her pick up the one with the ring and discover it. (note: be careful on the shell you choose and the way you put it in there so it does not get stuck.  You can just hide it under the shell too so that is revealed when she picks it up. Be sure it is just light enough that she can see)  One alteration to this, is to get two clam shells and connect them to create a unique ring box.  Instead of pulling out a box, reveal the clam shells and open to show a beautiful ring instead of a pearl. (Small clam shell jewelry boxes, or coin boxes can be found at beach shops, or here.)

9. Take her to a baseball game.  Sure you can do the well know name on the board with a 'marry me', which is very romantic, but here is another ball game approach.  Acquire a Cracker Jack box.  Test the waters at a ball game in advance to see if she likes them.  If so, then again bring a box and give them to her and let her discover a ring hidden inside instead of a cheap prize.  If she is not a fan of cracker jack, then, have your hands full of other food items and ask if she would open it for you... if she doesn't notice, ask if there are any prizes... and let it play out... Be sure to do this during a quieter part of the game.

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10. Go to a movie at a local theater.  In advance create a slideshow of the two of you set to music and see about arranging to have it played after the conclusion of the show (if she is eager to leave before the credits end, say something about a sneak peek or gag reel you heard about and pretend to be curious). At the end of the slideshow, prompt her to stand up with text at the end.  Then get down on one knee and propose.

11.  Send her on a scavenger hunt. Send a text or leave her a note to start her off. Let the locations be places that were meaningful to you or simply provided memories such as a friends house. Let the final location be the most meaningful, such as where you have talked of getting married, or where you first met.

12. Surprise her with a bouquet of roses with the ring tucked and slightly visible in one of them.

13. Near Christmas, within a day, decorate your house with Christmas lights with giant words that say "Will You Marry Me!" Be sure they are not noticeable during daylight. Then at night, take her for a stroll outside and plug them in at the perfect moment.

utah wedding photographers, engagement photography utah, slc wedding photography, slc engagement photography, slc engagement photographers, engagement photographers utah14. Prepare dinner for her on your back porch or patio. Decorate above the patio with lanterns.  In advance, write out the letters to "Will you marry me?" on many of them.  When the time is right, take her to the part of the patio where the full message is visible, and/ or turn them on to show the message.

15. Make plans to decorate the tree. When she arrives either have the tree halfway decorated already and have the ring box hidden among the branches so she discovers it while decorating, or have the ring box among the box of decorations so she comes across it that way. One, alteration, is to find an ornament that will elegantly hold the ring rather than just a box.

utah wedding photographers, engagement photography utah, slc wedding photography, slc engagement photography, slc engagement photographers, engagement photographers utah16. Buy a heart shaped music box with a special note engraved on top. Have the ring box inside.

17. Buy her a full jewelry a moire that opens at the top.  When she lifts the top, have the ring inside placed as the first where rings are stored.

18. Attend a chalk festival, or simply arrange to come across an artist on a stroll.  Pay the artist in advance to have a special image and message beautifully drawn out.

19. Make a movie of all the reasons you love her and/ or some of the favorite memories you have had together. You could even go to all those places to film it. Propose to her at the end of it or end the film with an open, "I have a very important question for you?" Then have a little movie night and when the time is right, pop the movie in. Give her a formal proposal at the end of it.

20. Take her sky diving/ paragliding. Go first so you can be waiting on one knee at the bottom.  Arrange to have large letters "Will you Marry Me?" Written out in the dirt on the landing zone so that she sees it on her way down behind you. Get down on one knee once she lands.

21.  Go snorkeling or scuba diving. Prepare a sign made of cloth (so it will fit in your pocket) with your message to revile to her under water.
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22.  If you are the very outgoing musical type, arrange a flash mob.  Sing and dance around her with the mob.

23. Or just surprise her with a song, at your favorite local joint, arrange to play and sing a song, such as "Marry Me" by Train. If you do not play an instrument but are ok with singing, go to a Karaoke bar and arrange to have that song played. After you have sung, approach her on one knee with the ring.

24. Go out to get cupcakes.  Place the ring on top of one for a happy surprise when she opens the box.

25. Go to a restaurant. Arrange for the dessert to have a chocolate drizzled message, or place the ring on top of the dessert! Make sure she doesn't eat it!  A more elaborate approach to this is to place the ring in a glass enclosed round box.  Have the box covered with chocolate that will harden. As part of this special dessert, have the waiter drizzle a sort of hot cocoa over the small chocolate covered sphere to melt away the chocolate layer and revile the ring instead of a dessert.

26. Take her to a high spot at night.  Whether that is to the top of a water tower, to a rooftop or the foothills overlooking the city lights, getting up high is romantic with the perspective it creates, building the connection between you since you are pulled away from the distractions of population.  The city lights at night also create a galaxy like feel. To add a little to the theme, purchase a led light up ring box. So that she can see the ring elegantly lit up in the dark.

27.  Give her a quilt. In the corner of the quilt have a heart shaped pocket sewn onto it with a message such as, "Let us wrap up in each others arms from now until forever..." Tuck the ring in the heart pocket.

28. Let the dog or cat revel the surprise. Have the ring tied to a ribbon with a message written on a little paper attached to the animal's collar.

29. Near Easter time send her on a Easter egg hunt.  Hide the ring in an ornate Easter egg ornament. Tell her you have hidden a gift. Let her hunt.  If she struggles to find it after a few minutes, give some hints by using Hot and Cold.  Once she finds the box, propose.

30. If you take her home over the holiday's to meet the family, come across a set of nesting dolls as pre-set to be part of the holiday decor. Act interested in taking them apart to see what is inside. Let her take apart the dolls until she gets down to the second to smallest one, where the ring will be stored.

31. Build a snowman with her.  Complete with all the fixings. Once complete, announce you have one final addition.  Come prepared with a cloth banner saying , "Marry Me!" and hang it onto the snowman's arms. Wait for her reaction and proceed to propose!

32. Attend an ice sculpture festival.  Arrange to have one of the artists engrave a special message on their piece. Then come across the sculpture and let her discover the message.

33. Follow the gifts of the 12 days of Christmas. For each day give her a version of that gift. For example two turtle doves, could be two chocolate Dove candies... On the final day, propose along with your gift.

34. Take her on a row boat outing. Let her open a gift box of rose petals with the ring buried inside. Propose.  As a little celebration, disperse the rose petals into the water.

35. Garden together. If you don't have a garden, then make an excuse of helping out a grandmother on a weekend.  In advance, bury a treasure box with the ring inside. Upon gardening, come across the box and act surprised.  Once she opens it, get on one knee and propose.

36. Give a romantic toast, only put the ring at the bottom of the glass. Make sure she see's it before drinking!

37. Arrange to have a date in a tree house (of a friend or family member) It will likely be a little crunched, so it will be more of a picnic. On the table, have a folded "Reserved Sign" up.  When the time is right, prompt her to read under the sign.  Have the words to the song displayed (first comes love... then comes ...) end it there as a transition for your proposal.

38.  Take her sailing. Eat dinner together. Write her a little poem such as: "Of all the fish in the sea, it is you with whom I want to be..."

39.  Make her dinner on the roof.  Complete with lights, lanterns and music.  You could even hire a violinist to accompany your lovely evening. When it is time for dessert, bring out a covered tray, which when reviled will have a ring instead of a dessert.

40. Take her hiking into the woods.  Make the trip in advance and find a spot where you can hang a very large cloth sign with a special message on it. When you come up together she will be so surprised at the unexpected!

41. Make her a scrapbook. It could simply contain pictures of the two of you and some of the favorite memories you have had together. Be sure to include all the specific little details of why you love her so. She will be impressed you were man enough to step into a scrapbook store! At the end of the book, include a picture of an empty ring box.  When she has reached that page, be ready on one knee with the ring and give your formal proposal. (as an additional surprise, wrap the scrapbook in brown paper and string and have it sent anonymously from a local UPS store. This way, on top of the joy of getting a package she will have fun guessing who it might be from as she opens it.  Play along in cluelessness as she does). You can also create a digitally printed scrapbook such as .

42. In the wintertime, write "Marry Me" into her windshield before she comes out for work. Be sure to be waiting out of sight until she sees it.

43. Arrange to have a special message over the radio, such as "Ryan has a very important message for Emily..." then have your song follow that message. Let this all be your introduction to your formal proposal.

44. Take her to the place you first met. Reminisce of the things you thought and the way you felt before you propose.  Not only will she love that you remembered, but be taken away of the romantic of the sentiment of it. If it was in childhood, include another small gift before the proposal that is relevant to the story. For example, maybe you always played with yoyo's. Get her an antique yoyo.. Or maybe in adulthood, at a bar, take her in daytime, so you have a quiet place to yourself, but arrange to have the same drink made... or perhaps it was at a party. Arrange for a little de ja vu by recreating that party and proposing in front of the friends or family...

45. Collect a dozen or so ring boxes. Hide them all over the house.  Invite her over and tell her you have hidden a special gift for her and let her explore.  As she finds each empty ring box, jokingly say, "That's not it!" And watch her eagerness as she moves on again and again.  The real ring could be hidden on you, or another unexpected place such as tied to the dogs collar... A variation of this idea is to have rings hidden in each box, but have them be toy plastic rings...

46. Hide the ring in her shoe. In the other shoe have a little note saying something like, "Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles..." VANESSA CARLTON - 1000 MILES LYRICS  . When she discovers the surprise, be ready around the corner to slip the ring on her finger and propose.

47. Propose on New Year's.  A minute before midnight, give her a small gift wrapped box containing the ring.  On a small note have it read something like, "For my love, in the new year and a new life..." Let her unwrap it and share double the excitement in the transition to a new year.

48. Give her an antique pocket watch that opens.  On the inside, cut out and glue a picture of the two of you.  Have a special message engraved on the back with words such as, "For Time and Eternity ..." Use this as a transition to pop the question. Later on when you two wed, you could replace the picture with a wedding photo. One variation of this, is to take her to an antique shop and help her stumble across this watch...

49. Arrange a special date on the Forth of July, or New Year's Eve when there are fireworks. Be far enough away that is won't be too loud.  Prepare a gift to go with the theme such as the following:  In a heart shaped box, wrap a box of matches and some sparklers. Write her a little note to go with it such as: "From the first little spark, my love has grown leaps and bounds for you. Each day it is something new. From now until death do us part, I pray we may never be apart. _________, I love you. Marry Me ....!"

50. Take her in a ride in a hot air balloon. Let the theme of your proposal speak of lifting one another up in love and support.

51. Arrange to have the help of children.  At a family gathering, have all the little ones come up within about a minute of each other with a rose. Have each child read the note attached to each rose, for example one might read : "because of the way you lift my spirits".  Have each additional rose have a different 'because'. Then with the last rose, have the ring tied to or have the stem through it, and hand it to her or have the child hand it to her as you close the proposal.  Once she says yes, help put the ring on her finger.

52. If you are artistic, draw or paint her a large family tree. Complete it with pictures, names etc.(this attention to detail will emphasize your love for family)  Let the branch lead to two blank spots next to each other.  Give a small box with a picture of the two of you inside and a marker or paint brush and an apple. Carefully cut that apple in half and carve a spot for the ring, then put the apple back together. Tell her of your love for family and how happy you would be if she gave you the honor of starting a new life together with a new branch, that one day you two may start a family of your own to raise children in that love together. Then, if she hasn't already, open the apple to revile the ring.

53. As a variation of the proposal above, you could take her on a picnic and in advance arrange for the planting of a tree or a seed for a tree.  When she says yes, together you can plant the seed (be sure to bring a shovel!) You could also arrange to have this date on Arbor Day which is national tree planting day and just play like you want to be 'green' so she won't be as suspicious!

54. If you have website building skills, make her a website. Create a sort of online scavenger hunt with various clues. The final clue would inform her of where to meet you.  Be waiting there with a ring.

55. Take her to Disneyland! Let you proposal mix in with that childhood like excitement that she feels in such a fun place. Propose to her in front of the castle.

56. On Valentine's give her a Heart Attack... of paper hearts.  While she is asleep, decorate her yard (by attaching hearts to forks or skewers to pierce the lawn)  and porch with hearts, all containing sweet messages of how amazing she is.  If it is too cold, or wet etc, instead, decorate her room while she is away. Include a final heart shaped box in an intimate place such as under her pillow with the ring. Be ready to surprise her when she has had time to read and collect the hearts.

57. Take her to the carnival. Go on the Ferris Wheel and propose to her at the top.

58. Take her to a carnival or other event where there is a puppet show.  Arrange to have one of the puppets start talking to her (such as having her be chosen from the audience to come forward) have the puppet converse with her as if it is just part of the show. Then have the puppet say they have a special gift from her friend ________ and pull out the ring to give her.  To make it a little more fun and silly, you could make it a large ring (unwearable but humorous) that might be easier for the puppet to hold, and they could also play off the joke that is doesn't fit and be concerned about it for her... Then approach her with the real ring and propose to her in front of the audience.

59. If you live in a large city, arrange to have several posters made that say "Marry me ________ " . Then have them plastered all over the walls where these sort of posters and advertisements are usually on display.  On the way to a date, slowly meander past the posters and wait for her to notice. Then propose!

60. Hire a pilot who specializes in flying banner advertisements and have a personalized message made for her.  Take her to a high spot and propose once she see's it.

61. Have a personalized T-Shirt made.  Nothing that sticks out too much, but with some simply printing on the back that reads, "Marry Me ____?" Wait to see how long until she notices.  Once she does, pull out the ring.

62. Take her on a date to an orchard. Give her an empty mason jar.  Have the lid engraved with the words, "To Preserve our Love forever and always..." Let this lead into your proposal.

63. Give her a box of chocolates. Replace one of the chocolates with a ring. Optional... Include a fun little note that reads, "life is a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get... Come what may I wouldn't want to share life's adventures with anyone else but you! "

64. Have carolers stop by with a customized Christmas song about the two of you. Join them for the last verse.

65. If she works as any type of cashier, surprise her at work. Wait until there is no line. Purchase something and pay with cash and coins. Mix the ring among the coins and wait for her reaction!

66. Take a helicopter ride. Have the pilot take you over a certain spot where you message is spelled out with white rocks.

67. Take her on a carriage ride. While snuggled up in a big quilt, pop the question.

68. Take her to the steps of the church or temple where you plan to get married, and in your proposal say, "I will be with you every step of the way..."

69. Make her a translucent bar of soap withe ring inside. When you come over to her place leave it at the sink where she will see it. Help her discover it if necessary by doing a messy activity together. Once she discovers it watch her eagerly make her way to it!

70. If she would rather pick out the ring post proposal, still have fun with proposing with a ring.  Get a ring pop to propose with instead!

71. Draw her out a treasure map.  Complete with the old looking burnt edges etc. Create fun drawings and clues to lead her to a surprise location where you will be waiting with the ring. Some of the clues could lead to fun things such as a old tape player that has your voice recorded giving her another clue.

72. Have a custom printed puzzle made of a picture of the two of you and, or a picture of you holding the ring, and/or simple text that reads, "Will you marry me?" Let her put it together until she figures out what it says!

73. Take her to a poetry night.  In advance write a poem for her and arrange to go on stage and read it to her.  After, get down on one knee and pull out the ring with the rest of your proposal.

74. Hire a musician in advance on the street.  Go for a walk and stop to listen to the music, then surprise her by singing a song you have prepared.  At the end of the song pull out the ring.

75. Snag her phone away while she isn't looking and put a to-do reminder in it with details of where and when and what to bring or wear... then be her surprise at the other end with the evenings activity prepared. When the time is right, pull out the ring!

76. At Thanksgiving dinner help prepare the place settings in advance complete with little name cards and small gift boxes that require unwrapping to open.  Announce to the family to wait until the opening toast to open their boxes.  Have the parents, or hosts help by having them ask everyone to go around and share what they are grateful for. Arrange it so that you can go last.  This will allow you to start into your speech of love and gratitude for her... then have everyone open the boxes. In her box she will find a ring, everyone else ... candy or mints... then finish you proposal!

77. Acquire several mason jars.  Collect the same number of photos that are dear to the two of you. Print these photos out on transparent paper and adhere them, or roll them inside the mason jars.  Place a candle in each one and decorate a room or around a picnic setup. Blindfold her to add to the surprise, then lead her to it. In the middle of the table place a small mason jar with the ring.  In your proposal mention how happy all these memories have made you in looking back at all you have been through together, and how happy it you make you if you could continue to make and preserve many more to come....

78. Cut out several paper snowflakes. Here is a link to instructions: 
Hand them with string all over from the ceiling and on the windows. Make a cozy dinner to go along with it.  In your proposal, include how unique beautiful she is.

79. Find a empty flat snow covered field or hillside.  Using your feet, shuffle through the field to spell out giant letters that say 'Marry Me _____ ' Then take her on a walk to where the words will be visible, such as a high spot...

80. Learn origami. Create her favorite animal or a beautiful shape that you can hide the ring inside.  Tell her to open it.

81. Get a pack of oreos and have them already opened.  In advance open one of the cookies and press one of the cookies inside. Hide it and wait for her to discover it... Be careful she doesn't eat it!

82. Play a game of scrabble together.  Collect the letters Marry Me and when the time is right, lay them out on the board along with a ring in one of the squares.

83. Make her breakfast in bed! Complete with the tray and the flowers, only add the ring as a little extra surprise.

84. Go to a public place.  In advance, hire 5 strangers to come and assist you with the proposal.  Have them mix into the crowd. One idea, is at the beach.  When the time is right (arrange a signal) have them all bring out their sign that was previously hidden.  Each will contain a word _____ will.. you... marry me?  Upon her reaction, get down on one knee.

85. Surprise her on her birthday with a professionally made cake.  At the birthday party bring the cake our of the box where it was hidden. Have the bakery elegantly write it with frosting onto a draped fondant to add elegance. Approach her with the cake and candles when it is time to sing and watch her reaction. When the singing is through, give her an official proposal.

86. Connect her with her inner princess.  Take her to a castle, whether it is just a tour etc. Take it a notch further by mentioning in your proposal how you care for her and want to take the best care possible of her. How you will treat her like a princess.

87. Take her to a butterfly greenhouse. When you get a minute alone among the fluttery creatures, pull out the ring in a small butterfly jewelry box.
If applicable to your style, you could mention in your proposal, the 'butterflies' you get inside when she kisses you, looks at you etc...

88.  Take her to Niagara Falls on a ferry ride. In ponchos, close up to the falls, among the mist, pull out the ring.  It will be loud so it will be a unique way in which you can loudly protest your love for her.

89.  Go inside a photo booth together. Propose while inside and capture her reactions with the timed shots!

90. Go on a river cruise together. Plan in advance a spot along the riverside where some of your friends can help with the proposal by putting up christmas light lit letters of your proposal. One idea would be to create wire framed letters that that you can wrap in lights, or another would be to temporarily attach them to a wire fence.  Have your friends plug them in to a car generator... etc. When the time comes, be prepared to show her the message.

91. Make her a giant black and white photo collage of you. Each picture printed out about 10 x 10. In each picture you will be holding a different letter to your message with the last one being you and a ring box. Invite her over to see it, or even have it arranged to be temporarily displayed at an event you will be going to.

92. Take her skiing.  Atop a beautiful vista, pull out the ring. She will love sharing such a beautiful moment atop the misty mountains.

93. Take her to an aquarium that has live divers.  Arrange to have one of the divers pull out a sign that reads "Marry Me ____?" While standing on the other end of the glass, let her face light up at the unexpected as the diver pulls out the sign. As an added silly addition you could have "and be me I mean that guy standing next to you ..."

94. Take out an ad or announcement in the local newspaper if she is an avid reader.

95. Put the ring box in the end of her Christmas stocking.

96. Carve a different letter into several pumpkins to spell out your message (you could also paint them).  Take a little one trick or treating, or attend a friends party where you have arranged to display them. Upon arrival, surprise her! If you two are in costume, you can add in a little fun bit about how devoted you will always be to her, whether as Ken, or Indiana Jones etc...

97. Purchase a elegant lock and key.  In one box, wrap the key, in another lock the ring through the rod of the lock. Have her open the key first along with a note that reads, "You hold the key to my heart.  I would be honored to have you unlock it and be mine....." then let her open the second box.

98. Acquire a ceramic plate that ready "Marry Me?"
Make dinner and dish it onto the plate.

99. If you are artistic, make her a little comic book of you dating story. On the last page include a box or two of the date you are on, then include a picture of you down on one knee with the ring. Include an empty dialogue bubble and leave the next box blank. Then get down on one knee to propose.

100. Have a metal plate made with an engraving of your message. Have it attached to a bride, gazebo etc with the permission of the owner... take her on a nature walk and propose there.

101.  Take her to a park with a large fountain.  Cast a wish. Let her cast hers first, then pull yours out to cast yours, only pull out a ring instead!

102. Wrap the ring in a box, then another and another... Use wrapping paper, tissue and all forms of wrapping material until you have wrapped it at least a dozen times. Let her have fun unwrapping it. Then get down on one knee.

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