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Travel Photography | Washington State Roadtrip

Monday, October 19, 2015

They say a tree that falls in the forest never fell if no one hears it. Well that is what I feel like when it comes to the many pictures I take and simply just might not get around to sharing them when it comes to my personal adventures! Why... because other things take priority and that is just how it is.

Today I would like to share some of these stunning shots from our Washington Road trip we took back in 2012 when we road tripped through there as a family of three back then.

Washington, as you may know is typically overcast the majority of the year, but we just so happened to have the rare experience of blue sky for most of the entire week we were there so we saw it through a different light. Literally.

The first day was the long stretch and my amazing husband drove the WHOLE way. He is a champ. We drove from Salt Lake to Yakima. Yakima is on the drier side of the state and that is where there is the apple country which I was really eager to stop at an orchard but frankly it becomes impossible to do a full state in just a short week!

I have officially started a gallery where you can purchase travel prints from my travels HERE.

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2 Responses to “Travel Photography | Washington State Roadtrip”

  1. Great Photos! They look so surreal.

  2. Thank you Brian:) I am making a goal to pace myself in posting my travels between the many many other shoots and weddings. It is easier said then done! I love seeing pictures from all of your adventures too!