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Climbing to New Heights | Mt Elbert

Saturday, February 6, 2016

This summer I had a grand adventure climbing Mt Elbert with my husband Matt. Mt. Elbert... sounds more like a Sesame Street character than a name for a mountain. Matt did all the planning. It was our little get away for our wait for it... drumroll... 9 year anniversary! Whhhatt?? How did this even happen? Time moves too fast. In the course of 9 years we both finished our Bachelor degrees, had two children, moved 3 times, traveled to 16 states as well as Europe and Mexico, started a business together, shared tears, fears and joys! I feel crazy blessed. Anyway, escaping to nature and spending several hours above the clouds seemed like a perfect way to celebrate being on cloud nine.

My partner in crime! The master of the mountain. We started the hike into pretty ominous weather but I was dying when the clouds cleared and how beautiful it was as we came higher into the trees. On adventures like these I am always hoping to capture more pictures but for sake of actually making good time and being cognizant of the weather conditions and available light I couldn't do as much as I wanted to.
Me... acting legit... because I am really pretty pro at this as you can probably tell. Wink wink. Pretty much I am a goon.

If you are planning a honeymoon on a tight budget than I would highly recommend on keeping it simple and planning a hiking and camping trip so you can simply hold each other by a crackling fire and look up at the stars. There are few things as peaceful as that. And it simply just feeds the soul and restores one's energy to jump back into the craziness of life.

In the morning waking up to the birds chirping we enjoyed Mountain House Biscuit and Gravy meals. It may have just been the elevation or fact that we hiked up several hundred feet but I was seriously AMAZED at how good it was. Better than an everyday breakfast. I still crave it sometimes.
A magical setting to wake up to.

I had to stop at least a dozen times to capture the delicate beauty of the mountain side flowers that cling to the cracks in the rocks. How beautiful it would be to capture a wedding ceremony that would take place up here above the clouds with natures decor surrounding the scene.

After a somewhat vigorous two days (for me anyway) we wanted to of course enjoy a little pampering so we stayed in Vail, CO to relax after our mountain top adventure.  We enjoyed a little shopping and fine dining and enjoyed a lovely stay there.

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