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Colorado Engagement Photographers | Dakota and Spencer with Love by the River

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Usually I stick to a more light and vibrant edit style but I LOVE the moody romantic vibe of this edit so I am sharing it with you. We squeezed this engagement session in with Dakota and Spencer out at the Eno River State Park just before I moved! And I am so glad we did. It was super muggy but that is North Carolina for you.

Comparing the beautiful Bay area weather to North Carolina is very different, not as muggy at all. I will miss photographing at this location. It has a mix of that historic rustic charm with the beautiful waterfalls and the calming river. While these two went to change in a second outfit, I sat by the river and it was so peaceful. I just watched a beautiful crane gracefully move about the water and it just stared at me... or at least it's nose did haha. Anyway, life gets moving so quickly it is easy to let the daily beauties of life just slip right by... taking them for granted and all as we bury ourselves in our devices. So, sitting by the river simply fed my soul.

What is something you like to do to reconnect with nature and simply take a moment of silence to regather your thoughts?

This is not an edit style for every session, but I love the depth and emotion to it. Tell me what you think! Also, if you are located in the NC area, feel free to comment or message me if you are wanting me to come for a visit. The more

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