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The Mission Inn | Travel Photography

Monday, August 28, 2017

mission inn

When we were in Southern California for my brothers wedding. We had the chance to visit the Mission Inn! Which also happens to be one of the most famous hotels in California. We brunched there and it is a beautiful stop. An old Mission converted into an inn. Filled with History and elegance. And the flowers that surrounded the area added that perfect pop of color.  So should you be heading by Riverside, CA, be sure to add it to your stops.  We enjoyed a fabulous eggs Benedict for brunch.

mission innmission innmission inn A formal tour of the inn is $13 and it runs four times a day. mission innmission innmission innmission inn This eclectic piece is near the front entry. A large bell transported from China. mission inn I would love to have fountains like this one in my yard one day. Stone and beautiful artistry. mission inn The inn, especially these beautiful vine covered archways have made their way into many films. A favorite.. The Man in the Iron Mask . The quiet streets of downtown Riverside have also made such a lovely backdrop for that California town of history and charm. mission inn mission inn

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