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Beautiful Carolina Sky

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Today I sort through pictures and simply appreciate this one.  It was in my backyard when we lived in North Carolina.  Vibrant Carolina sky.  I loved sitting out here when it wasn't too buggy and the weather was pleasant.  The kids would play in the sandbox.  Patio lights shined overhead and we would just relax after dinner.  The garden almost took care of itself with how humid it would be.  The children would run up and down the lawn and chase each other playfully. Down the hill was a beautiful lake and the silhouettes of the trees against the vibrant sunsets were soul soothing.

I look at these tree's and I think about the beautiful forests surrounding us here in the Bay area and the fires going on right now and am sad for those beautiful tree's that have burned down. I am sad for those who have lost their homes.  I am sad for those that were too late escaping. One of the fires burned an area as big as New York City. 

Mother Natures offers such a wonderful soul soothing and healing effect. May the beautiful tree's grow again. 

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