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Putting on a Fresh Face | Personal Portraits at La Caille | Rebecca Mabey

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Many of my days these days I rock the messy mom bun, my shoulder becomes a napkin for baby and I might not get around to changing it, glasses, no makeup, and house slippers that are the fastest to slip on as I rush my kids out the door. And that is ok. This is my warrior outfit. The battle to cook a healthy meal for my kids and juggle keeping the baby happy and referee the kids and whatever quarrel they get into while we wait on daddy to get home.

Sometimes a girl just has to dress up to remember she is beautiful and so, I spoiled myself with this photoshoot.  Thank you to my talented husband, Matthew for taking these.

I have noticed that I do wear less makeup than I used to.  I think it is important to look in the mirror and feel beautiful just the way you are. But anyway, it is fun and refreshing to put on a glammed up face. Lately my 6 year old wants to help do my makeup.  So we have had all kinds of fun with the lipstick and blush etc. I will admit, she has gotten much better at it than we first started that fun when she was 3.  She thought she was so funny being a little too messy in the cute video we made together.

So when is the last time you put on a fresh face and did something fun like this just for you?  Maybe a gift for your husband or just a reminder that you might need, that you are beautiful.

I once did a shoot for a beautiful young girl in her 20's.  I asked her what the pictures were for.  "I just broke up with my boyfriend and I needed a pick me up"  Don't we all need that once in a while.

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