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The Northern Colorado Garden Bucket List

Friday, February 19, 2021

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 Last year we bought a home in Longmont and have a beautiful large backyard on our property which I now have the opportunity to play with and turn into our studio gardens.  Soon I will be starting my seedlings, most of which are from FloretFlower a family-run flower farm.  This year I will be planting Snap Dragons, Nasturtiums, Celosia's, Clarika's, Larkspur, Clary Sage, Fox Glove, Black-Eyed Susan, Sunflowers, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Peas, Onions, and Beets.

I can't wait to develop a beautiful setting for family and children's portrait sessions right here in Longmont! I have created an Instagram page @delightful.dahlia to share that process in all its fun in detail.

I have been drawing my inspiration from the beautiful Gamble Gardens of Palo Alto (below) The summer/ early fall colors were so pretty in their variety. 

Frankly, I am pretty new to gardening.  Aside from what experiences I had growing up and helping with the yardwork, learning to deadhead and trim the roses etc, but I have already been learning a lot from Erin on Floret and all about starting flowers from seeds.  For example, their fragile state requires they be watered from below in their seeding trays, instead of from above which can disrupt the soil, and that it is needed to use heating mats to keep a consistent temperature on them as well.

Last July I had the privilege of photographing my nephew and his wife for their formal wedding portraits at the Annual Flower Trial Garden in Fort Collins near the CSU campus.  This is always such a color-packed stop in the late summer for sessions which I of course love.

So this post is my official Colorado garden bucket list!  I want to visit all that beautiful gardens and share them here in time with you. 

Location: Fort Collins

While I do love this location and its educational resources for gardening, I am never thrilled of the eyesore of any garden with all the signs that as a photographer and editor I edit out.  Glad I know-how! Lol. Just, you know, I have a life and would prefer not to!

What is your favorite kind of flower?

Gardens at Spring Creek

Location: Fort Collins

This looks like a fun stop to make with the kids, so it is going on the bucket list.  An 18-Acre network of community and botanical gardens with activities for the kids in all seasons. They have classes for adults in Arts and Crafts, Beekeeping, Cooking, Gardening, Urban Homesteading, Wellness, and more.  Count me in!

I am also interested in going to see the butterflies that they have.

Modern sculptures decorate the gardens throughout giving it a more contemporary vibe.  And of course, this is an outdoor venue option for couples getting married.

Another fun thing they have is the Garden Explorer Club.  This sounds just like something right up my kid's alley.

Perennial Garden at the University Center for the Arts

Location: Fort Collins

This is a smaller local neighborhood garden. As I understand it will soon become the Heritage Garden showcasing Colorado's agricultural legacy.

Garden Sweet

Location: Fort Collins

This would be categorized as a farm, BUT the flowers here are so beautiful!  It is on my bucket list for sure. I love every detail from the quaint white picket fences, the good ol' hometown vibe.  Check out this video of Garden Sweet.

I can't wait to bring family and cousins by in the summertime and enjoy fresh-picked peaches, strawberries, flowers, and more.

Treasure Island Demonstration Garden

Location: Windsor, CO


This sweet and simple locals garden regularly demonstrates Roses, Dahlia's, an annual garden a vegetable garden, a summer bed of zinnias, Autumn Joy Sedums, and more.

Some fun facts about this garden are many of the plants and seeds are donated. And the veggies harvested from the garden make their way to the Windsor Food Pantry. In 2020 they donated about 4,000 pounds of food!

Longmont Memorial Rose Garden

Location: Longmont

This garden I got to visit briefly at the end of the summer.  Having just had a baby, life is pretty full! So I just grabbed a few cell phone pictures with my daughter for future planning.  I look forward to coming back many times next summer to soak in the peace and serenity at the magic hour and capturing some beautiful brides, couples, senior pictures, and sweet children frolicking about. 

Denver Botanic Gardens

Location: Denver

Even in the middle of winter, these indoor/ outdoor gardens have so much to see.  The is large tropical forest to enjoy.  There are many themed areas and you can easily spend hours wandering the property.  And what a beautiful wedding venue option.

More to come as we explore Colorado!

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms

Location: Littleton

The Horticultural Art Society Demonstration Garden

Location: Colorado Springs

Heritage Garden

Location: Colorado Springs

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